MineralTech Premium Garnet

MineralTech Premium Garnet Blast Abrasives are produced from high quality, natural almandine garnet and sized to deliver excellent blasting performance. A wide range of MineralTech Premium Garnet blasting abrasives are available for your needs, from removing thick, heavy coatings and contamination to sweep blasting metal joints for a clean welding surface – and everything in between.

MineralTech Premium Garnet Blasting Abrasives are processed and packaged in our plant facilities and thoroughly washed with fresh water to minimize chlorides and other contaminants, these natural garnet abrasives meet the highest quality standards.

MineralTech Premium Garnet products are available in bulk pneumatic tankers, 4400 lb. bulk bags, 2200 lb. bulk bags, and 55 lb. paper sacks.

Garnet Application Chart

Technical Data & Physical Characteristics for MineralTech Premium Garnet Abrasives

Mineral Composition

Garnet (Almandine) - 97 – 98%

Ilmenite - < 2%

Other - < 1%

Chemical Composition

Major Constituents

Almandine - Fe3Al2(SiO4)3

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity - 4.0 –4.1 g/cm3

Hardness (Mohs) - 7.5 – 8.0

Melting Point - 1315o C

Other Characteristics

Conductivity - <10 mS/cm

Chlorides - <25 ppm

Radioactivity - not detectable above background

Water Reactivity - Insoluble, non-hydroscopic

Acid Solubility - < 1%

Weight Change on Ignition (%) - 0.0 (Typical)

Free Silica - <1%

Garnet is a natural product; therefore its chemical analysis will vary.


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