Licensed Blastox® Blender

Blastox® is a patented granular, complex calcium silicate-based blasting abrasive additive.

Use: Typically used at a 15 percent weight ratio for stabilizing lead in lead-based paint blast removal operations, producing a non-hazardous waste suitable for disposal in a local subtitle D landfill. Use is compatible with standard dry or wet blast equipment.

Chemical Reactions: Blastox® produces lead silicates through chemical conversion pH adjustment and physical encapsulation of the lead in the paint. It is intended solely as a lead stabilizing additive, rendering the waste non-hazardous according to TCLP criteria.

Restrictions: Material must be kept dry until preparations are made for field application. Wet or otherwise contaminated Blastox® does not carry a performance guarantee. For dry blasting operations, moisture separators are required and air dryers are recommended. Blastox® is designed with cementitious properties and may solidify in equipment, on substrates and around general work areas upon extended exposure to moisture. Care should be taken to avoid these situations or additional cleaning measures may be required.

Application Techniques: For dry blasting lead painted steel, six (6) to eight (8) pounds of a 15 percent weight ratio blended abrasive must be used per square foot of paint removed for adequate stabilization. For blasting lead painted wood substrates or for blast operations using less than six (6) pounds per square foot of paint removed, contact TDJ Group's Technical Service for specific recommendations.

Typical Properties*

Specific Gravity: 3.15 – 3.22

Bulk Density: 85 – 90 #/FT3

pH: 11.0-12.0

Hardness: (Mohs) > 6.0

Solubility: (Slight) .1% - 1.0%

Screen Analysis: > 98% (-) 12 –(+) 50 mesh per ASTM E-11 Specifications.

Availability: Sold pre-blended with abrasives throughout the United States by licensed blenders and distributors. Contact TDJ’s corporate office or your regional manager for a list of local supplies.

Technical Service: Complete technical bulletins and information are available from TDJ’s corporate office. Technical assistance for specific applications is also available.

BLASTOX® WARRANTY The following warranty is contingent upon the registration of each project with The TDJ Group, Inc. prior to the start of the project and prior to purchasing Blastox®. Registration can only be accomplished by completing a Blastox® Project

The TDJ Group, Inc. warrants that if Blastox® blended abrasives are blended, used, sampled and tested in compliance with the Blastox® Technical Data sheet and Technical Bulletins, and spent abrasive material tests hazardous for lead, TDJ will refund the cost of the Blastox® additive. For other heavy metals which may be present in coating systems or unique applications, please contact TDJ's Technical Service.


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