Walnut Shell

Blast cleaning and polishing of soft metals such as cast iron pump casings, aluminum, and brass substrates. Tumbling of brass firearm casings, jewelry and metal parts. Commonly used as a blast media for automotive restoration, brick restoration, concrete restoration, and restoration of wood beams due to smoke damage. Also used to abrasive clean electric motors, gas turbines, instrument and electric panels.

Available in 50# Bags

Physical Characteristics

Shape - Angular

Bulk Density - 35-45 lbs. / cu. ft.

Specific Gravity - 1.2 -1.4

Hardness - 3 Mohs Scale

pH - 7.5

Color - Light Brown

Free Silica - No Free Silica

Sieve Sizes - 8-12 / 12-20 / 20-30


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